Friday, March 25, 2011

Organizing my online life

Well, among many other aspects, my online presence is in dire need of sprucing up and so I'm making a list of all  my official accounts: is for getting in touch with people i dont get to see often is for my by-the-minute (and often unremarkable) updates is for my text-heavy updates (longer than tumblr can handle) is for single-photo updates (which are much more interesting/far more memorable than twitpics)

Now, how to update them daily/weekly? Moreso... how do I MAINTAIN them?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 2 of 9

It felt like Sunday today, because I spent the whole day with my family.

  • Had home-cooked lunch (with rice!) on a weekday for the first time in a year.

  • Took a leave from work. Had to go to different government offices with Mom, Dad, and Bryant (Chris was no where to be found, perhaps he went to work?) for several immigration requirements. I was surprised at how blatant and rampant the system of "lagay" is in every government office, especially at the Manila Police District (Western, to be exact). "Under-the-table" is not the norm anymore; government employees even expect citizens to "bid" on the rate of paper processing. How appalling!

  • Almost got my driver's license today, but didn't make it to LTO Tayuman office on time coz I had to have drug test and medical exams in LTO Malate. There was this really nice medical exam lady that even gave me the master answer-list to the LTO written exams. It was funny how insistent she was, and she sincerely wanted me to ace the test. Thank you, LTO lady!

  • My dad got hungry and wanted to have merienda at the nearest possible mall (drum-rolls... SM Manila!!!). He craved for "the tasty burger" he had in Razon's the other day (and I was like really now, may burger sa Razon's!?), and so, we had merienda at Razon's.
My parents initially planned to get sizzling sisig and sizzling bulalo.
The dinugan at Razons was good, but of course, I'd always be a Kanin Club-Krispy Dinuguan-girl
Dad had his er, "tasty burger", which was SO BASIC it didnt even have any of the usual TLC/ketchup/mayo. It looked...dry.
Mom had her usual pancit luglog
No trip to Razon's would be complete without this best seller. The last time I had this was with the Anvaya Gang, Summer of 2010.

  • I wanted to try with something I've never had for Day 2. There was a Cafe Ti-amo a few shops away from our merienda place, so I checked out their offerings and found what my chef friend Mitchie posted in her Facebook.
Dark Chocolate gelato. BTS (DM/text/email me what BTS means). MUST TRY. Oh and it was sinfully dark. Not so sweet but. oh. so. good.

And had it with this milk cheese gelato and it tasted so much better. I actually grew up eating the type of cheese that was in the gelato. YUM.

I shared the cup with my mom, who became a gelato convert right away (she's been a loyal fuss-free, old fashioned, normal ice cream fan)

  • Went home and got a visit from my mentor, Tito Dick. I bought from him this pretty thing as a birthday present for myself (and would try my hardest not to think about how much it cost me...).
Oh, so pretty: a new diamond quartz crystal to replace the one I broke years ago. Also called Herkimer Diamond, this is believed to amplify energy and create and manifest visions into being.

Wednesday is my new Sunday. Happy day indeed. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 of 9

This month started right in all levels. The first day of a very important celebratory week was awesome.
  • Commute to work was smooth: transfers to each mode of transport were quick, no snags encountered. Brought to work by a really nice cab driver today: he was old and grandfatherly and polite and gentle in speech and demeanor (yep, I have an assortment of cab driver stories and this one is by far the best). The only time he talked to me was upon boarding the cab, to ask me where to go, and upon reaching my destination. When we reached the office, he went, "ma'am, ang ganda ganda nyo naman..." in the sweetest, most- hindi-nakakabastos-way possible. there was reverence in it, and I saw in the mirror that his eyes were smiling. And for real, that was the very first time someone said it to me randomly albeit very sincerely; and I honestly admit that its the very first time that I truly felt comfortable about a compliment being said to me--I was in the worst possible state, with the worst pimple breakout I've ever had, unkempt brows and face bloated with too much sodium from yesterday's meal, unmade and lousily dressed, a mixed bag of emotions and a mind muddled with too much pressure resonating critical decisions--being in this state only made me realize that he meant every word he said. I felt so very grateful and so very floored by his comment and I said, "thank you". it made my day.

  • It was an uneventful day at the office. My mind was too stunned about a lot of things and I was incapable of working, save for a couple of uploads for the website and very few encounters with my boss. In the middle of a brain-shutdown I decided to make a pot of tea.

tea amongst the last few paper work and the last emails to be sent
  • I've been saving the persimmon-rosebud tea from Bel and Jay's trip to Beijing for special occassions. I wanted to celebrate the start of my birthmonth and the first day of nine towards my birthday, and the first day of eleven before the effectivity of my resignation, so I dusted out my pretty china (the only one ive got) and shared a few sips with my officemates.

  • Bel, Vic and Ruel dropped me off at Malugay.

  • I've been to The Collective a lot of times for B-Side but I never got to see the shops, so I visited each shop and found that I'd be coming back for particular pieces-- two pairs of shoes, a pair of shades, perfumes, sea salt, small hand made stuffed monsters and to-die-for-dresses. So love the place :)

  • I planned to get Ramen from Wabi Sabi but because my dear Chuckie wasnt in the mood for vegetarian fare, we shared an Offbeat burger (krispy kreme donut bun+ really thick beef patty+ sunny side up egg+ cheese+ bacon) which was good by my standards-- the sweetness of the donut-buns offsets the saltiness of the patties and bacon. But uh, hello arteries, I need a Drano! (picture to follow)

  • We went in a shop which was run by none other than the celebu-hunk Brent Javier. Was kilig to the bones when he errr butted in a conversation about shirts between me and Chuckie (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), and even proceeded to assist me while I was viewing the selection of eyewear (ONA ONA! HAHAHAHA SIGE SHEENA MAG-YABANG KA HAHAHAHA [ilusyonada goals met tonight]).

  • Had buffalo wings and quesadillas at WingMan. Brent and the rest of his friends joined us for second dinner (anong name nung ibang celebu-friends nya, Chuckie?).

  • Well, had second dinner at WingMan, where Brent Javier and his celebrity-model friends had a table next to ours (well nauna kami noh), waited for Juno (na hindi nakarating) as Chuckie bantered with Barny through text.

  • It rained on my way home and while it felt off at first (March na March, start ng summer tas umulan!) but I thought, the rain is a good omen (the first summer rain, by folk lore, brings luck and healing).

  • My mom and dad gifted me with an elliptical trainer-slash-stationary bike for my birthday, which they brought home today. They assembled it by themselves. :) (sobrang touched sa labor of love)
More cardio-addiction
  • Today is the first time I saw my dad dance with my mom, too. :) (heartmelting moment for me)
Mom kept bumping Dad off
 This day serves as an omen: the best is yet to come.