Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eastwood Food Junction

...sits atop Blue Onion, across Yummy Roast. Ivan, Nikos and I vacillated on choosing Super8, Green Lantern and Forever and a Day  and ended up food-tripping in Eastwood.

The night started at Pancake House. Ivan was craving for mami from Pho Hoa (mami also known as "pho") but he had an aha-moment: he wanted pancakes. We had Banana Pancakes, Mediterranean Pasta Salad, and Best Tacos in Town while waiting for Nikos.

We then watched Nikos devour Chicken-Pork Asado at Razon's. 

We had Happy Lemon. I like their branch in Eastwood: the space bigger, the lounge area had plush couches, and they give you this nifty contraption in place of number stubs:

Takes "waiting for your order" a bit further. Beats Starbucks' system of claiming drinks!
We really wanted to watch a movie and tried our luck getting seats for Super8, to no avail. Nikos had another order of Happy Lemon and we settled on eating our feelings (whut!).

We've checked out Food Junction a couple of times but we always end up eating somewhere else. We never thought there were tons of good finds there.

We had authentic takoyaki from Maru Maru (it was yum but it lacked octopus filling, btw. Kid Manga's is better, and of course, that shop in Little Tokyo, Makati); we then had Mexican-Korean Fusion afterwards.

Kimchi Quesadilla. Super spicy but it works! It had pieces of korean beef bbq inside. There were bits of cheese inside, too, and it kind of mellowed the kick of kimchi. May smokey flavor pa sya, most probably coz of the beef bbq P65!  Rating: 5/5
Their Kimchi Quesadilla was YUM. Definitely unique, I've never had Mex-Korean fusion before.

Miso-glazed Chicken Tacos. Ay, this one is a  must-try. Spicy but sweet, and the chunks of chicken are big. It had this tangy white sauce that bonds the kimchi and the miso chicken. The serving is small, though. But its worth it, at P65! Rating: 4/5
We wanted to try Fu Yoh's offerings (Sing-Malay-Chinese ata ito) and we had this:

BlueBerry and Cream Cheese Roti with Chocolate Sauce. This is by far my favoritessssstttt dessert na ever. The roti had just the right consistency: crispy browned parts and "makunat" soft parts; it was hot and really perfect with the tangy cream cheese and blue berry filling. It was not too sweet, thus there wasn't any "umay" factor. P75. Rating: 5/5.
There are other shops in Food Junction but we were full already. Next time, we're going back for Meztisa Adobo from Adobo Connection Spinach Cannelloni from Burger Pocket. 

Next week, perhaps?


  1. Rue! Kulang pa yan. Di pa kami masyadong busog, naubusan lang ng pera. hahaha!