Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Valentines: note to self

Couple bracelets (center, gold with turquoise) from Alati by Gabriela Tatad 

This is to remind me that I am fulfilled, sane, thriving, focused, creative, beautiful, intelligent and happy even without a partner. 

That I can face anything by myself and that I should love myself first before giving love to someone else. 

That I am my own person, and I am very much COMPLETE and replete with love and support from family, friends and colleagues.

That I do not subscribe to the belief of having "another half that makes a person whole". I can give a part of me to another person--to share myself so that I can enrich that person's life--but I will never fully lose my being. I am independent, and will continue to be, even if I am in a romantic relationship.

So, these bracelets that I got--I'll wear them everyday until I've found a person who's worthy of having a piece of my being.

And whoever he is, he must surely be as fulfilled, happy and independent. He will not "give meaning" to my life-- I already know what I'm meant for-- but will complement my qualities and support me in every way.

Happiness is not having someone to anchor on my identity. Happiness is being strong. Happiness is me.